Guest house

Would you like to enjoy a guest house of 35 m2 and wood, spacious bedroom with a double bed.
Spacious room with lots of light and a view of the atlantic ocean, open kitchen and separate shower and toilet room.
Private grounds and private entrance for parking your car.

Timber house

A wooden chalet or bungalow, in log cabin or timber frame style. It is all possible to deliver as a kit.

Real estate

Build or buy your bungalow, villa or apartment.


caboverde houses

Yes, anyone can legally buy real estate through a notary, unlimited.

Yes, you need a valid residential address.

Yes, you can always sell your property when everything is legal.

Yes, we have a Toyota Landcruiser bus for these purposes.

You can buy a cheap SIM card with internet credit. We do have a laptop for you, which saves you +3 kg of luggage.

Yes, there is a large swimming pool available and in use.

Yes, there is a hospital and pharmacy nearby. Bring a passport and pay 13 euros.

Yes, depending on what and where you want to climb, good mountain shoes and a cap for the sun is indispensable.